Custom designs from Orled

We are lighting design experts. We design and manufacture lighting products available nowhere else. Using the latest technologies, our engineering team produces innovative lighting solutions which exceed the most demanding requirements. Invite our engineers to the table when planning your next custom LED lighting solution.

Inspection Lighting

The Orled high-intensity inspection light is an LED light for enhanced inspection lighting (shown bottom left). Cool LEDs illuminate without glare and are easier on the eyes. The system is configured to emit white light at 60,000 lux through a special non-reflective lens, with power dissipation of only five watts. It features multiple mounting options including free-standing, and wall or ceiling mount.

Glare reduction is critical in many applications. In electronics, this system eliminates reflections when inspecting assembled circuit boards. In dentistry, glare is decreased to allow cracks and cavities to be seen more clearly. For plastics, the system exposes micro-fissures that would otherwise be hidden by surface reflections.

Medical Lighting with Cool LED's

Currently used throughout the medical industry, our Orled medical camera light (shown top and middle left) is one of our many custom designs. This LED camera light enhances the lighting of a subject while recording, capturing, and displaying video footage. It features an advanced LED light source and is equipped with a high performance lens and an efficient, cool-running power supply. The light features brightness control and multiple mounting options.

Video can be viewed in real time or compressed and saved. The system allows medical professionals to view a subject with excellent clarity and accuracy, providing high quality recordings of surgical procedures for storage and playback.

Industries and Applications

Our products support a vast range of professional fields, including agriculture, avionics, defense, space, forensic research, dentistry, medicine, and more. The range of applications our custom designs address include: inspection lighting, street lighting, and LED panels. All Orled products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. We offer quantity discounts, product evaluations, and include a one-year warranty with all products.

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