Light output :540 lm
Color temperature :2700 / 4300 / 6000 K
Working distance :2.1–3.0″
Spot diameter :1.5″ @ 3.0″ dist.
(38 mm @ 76 mm)
Spot illumination :7900 fc @ 3.0″ dist.
(85,000 lx @ 76 mm)
Inside diameter :2.45″ (62.2 mm)
Mounting diameter :3.05″ (77.5 mm)
Outside diameter :3.74″ (95.0 mm)

Documents and Downloads

RL16XT User Guide

RL16XT Software Development Kit

Model RL16XT "Xsight" :: with alignment lasers and quadrant controller

  • High-intensity LED lamps arranged in quadrants
  • Exclusive, patented laser crosshairs for rapid visual alignment
  • Constant color, constant light, and strobe illumination modes
  • USB compatible controller with solid-state touchpad
  • Sealed body, IP65 rating
  • Compact size and flexible mounting options
  • Optional dark field illuminator and polarizer
  • CE compliant

Advanced ring light system

Model RL16XT is an advanced LED ring light system with state-of-the-art features. Each of its four, high-intensity light quadrants can be independently activated to provide uniform illumination or create shadows to highlight details. It can also project laser crosshairs to facilitate rapid positioning in a microscope's field-of-view. The ring light controller has a touchpad for manual control and USB interface for computer control. Its compact size, high reliability and exclusive features make the RL16XT ideally suited for inspection microscopes in manufacturing, forensics, dental laboratories, and gemology.

Alignment lasers

At the touch of a button, the built-in lasers will project bright alignment crosshairs on the microscope stage. A feature placed at the crosshairs using the naked eye can be immediately located when looking through the microscope, and features observed through the microscope can easily be located by naked eye.

Shaped lighting

Light quadrants can be selectively activated to provide smooth, even illumination or to create shadows to help define surface details. Fresnel optics distributes light around the diameter to minimize visible reflections from shiny surfaces.

Camera friendly illumination

Many ring lights control intensity by flashing at a rate that is invisible to humans but low enough to interfere with video and still cameras. The RL16XT reduces this effect by flashing at a much higher frequency, and it can also completely eliminate interference by dimming its LEDs instead of flashing them. In addition, it can output precisely timed strobe flashes in response to hardware or USB triggers.

Intelligent thermal design

The LEDs used in the RL16XT are very different from the traditional 5mm bullet-shaped devices found in other ring lights. Our LEDs provide a direct heat path from the die to the ring light body, which allows them to output high intensity light without overheating. This is important because die temperature determines the reliability and longevity of LEDs.

Intuitive touchpad

The detachable controller has a spill-resistant, solid-state touchpad that toggles power to the quadrants and crosshairs. A brightness control provides eight steps of illumination intensity.

Remote control

For automated applications, simply connect the controller to a computer with a USB cable. The computer can access all touchpad functions as well as additional features that are available only through USB.

Versatile mounting

Soft-point screws secure the ring light to a 2.1 to 3.0 inch diameter microscope without damaging it; smaller diameters can be accommodated using custom screws. Additional threaded holes are provided for custom mounting solutions.

Sealed body

The ring light is sealed to an IP 65 rating to protect it from splattering fluids, corrosive fumes and damaging dust particles. 62mm threads are provided for mounting an optional, protective camera lens filter.

Optional accessories

Polarizer — The RL16XT can be supplied with a polarizer film and analyzer filter. This feature reduces glare from shiny surfaces and allows inspection of details and defects that would otherwise be concealed by reflected light.

Dark field adaptor — Remove the RL16XT from the microscope, install Orled's dark field adaptor, and place it under your subject facing up. The light refracted through the adaptor will light the subject from below without entering the microscope. The viewer will see a subject with illuminated edges on a black background. This is an excellent way to inspect edge detail, and the best way to examine defects within transparent objects.


Model Description Price Order Qty.
1 2–9
Ring Lights
RL16XT-2700 Model RL16XT-2700 (2700 K) with quadrant driver $646 $587
RL16XT-4300 Model RL16XT-4300 (4300 K) with quadrant driver $646 $587
RL16XT-6000 Model RL16XT-6000 (6000 K) with quadrant driver $646 $587
POL-RL16 Polarizing filter $36 $36
DFA-RL16 Dark field adapter $33 $33